Betsy Nelson

Facilities Manager/Human Resources Administration

Betsy Nelson is responsible for facilities management and human resources administration for Broadcasting and Media Innovations Division of University of Wisconsin-Extension. She serves the staff of Wisconsin Public Television, Wisconsin Public Radio and Instructional Communications Systems and provides support to the human resource director for Broadcasting and Media Innovations Division.

A graduate of the UW-Madison in foreign language education (BS SED), Betsy taught in Wisconsin high schools for three-plus years before relocating to the Madison area. In 1980, Betsy came to UW-Extension's Library Services for a year before moving to WHA-Television in 1981. Over her tenure in Broadcasting and Media Innovations Division of Extension, Betsy has been involved with television program scheduling, production, project budgeting/accounting and unit management.

Betsy serves as divisional representative to the Facility and Safety Advisory Committee. She was elected to Academic Staff Council for two terms and chaired that group two consecutive years.

To contact Betsy, send an email.