Wisconsin Public Media includes two units:


Wisconsin Public Radio
Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) is a civic and cultural resource which exists to enlighten and enrich the quality of life for the people within its listening area. WPR reflects the values and resources of the university and the state of Wisconsin, and embraces the "Wisconsin Idea", helping to extend the borders of the university to the state and beyond, and providing significant programming by, for and about the people of Wisconsin. WPR's mission is to realize the "Wisconsin Idea" by producing, acquiring and delivering high quality audio programming that serves the public's need to discuss ideas and opinions, and that provides cultural enrichment, intellectual stimulation, and intelligent, enlightening entertainment. WPR is a service of the Educational Communications Board (ECB) and University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Wisconsin Public Television
The partnership between the Educational Communications Board (ECB) and University of Wisconsin-Madison makes Wisconsin Public Television (WPT) one of the top 20 television organizations in the country. Six stations, six translators and three affiliate stations offer outstanding programs for everyone from preschoolers to seniors. In addition, more than 185 statewide cable systems carry Wisconsin Public Television signals to their subscribers' homes. A map of station coverage areas is available on the WPT website.

The Wisconsin Public Television mission is to boldly enrich, educate and entertain diverse audiences of children and adults through the innovative use of television production and broadcasting, other communication technologies and community outreach. Wisconsin Public Television provides access to local and national content, extending its reach and impact in the communities served.

Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television are services of the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board and University of Wisconsin-Madison which provide equal opportunities in employment and programming, including Title IX requirements.