WPM Mission Vision Values


Wisconsin Public Media is comprised of Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television.

Our Mission

  • to educate, inform, entertain, engage and inspire individuals of diverse backgrounds, organizations and communities
  • by connecting them to information, ideas, personal stories and cultural experiences with context that brings meaning.

Our Vision

A Wisconsin that is educated, informed, entertained, inspired, engaged and connected.

Our Values

Our work is defined by organizational values that shape our content and guide our business and organizational practices.

  • Integrity in what we do and how we do it
  • Stewardship of our resources and relationships
  • Investment in, and appreciation of staff
  • Diversity and Inclusivity in staffing, content and access
  • Respect for ourselves, our colleagues, our stakeholders and the public
  • Quality and Excellence in our programs and practices
  • Transparency about what we do
  • Creativity in our programs and in our activities
  • Programs and practices that serve and reflect Wisconsin and its cities, towns, and counties